Omni Channel Attribution

At Fearless Media we take every media touchpoint into account. We analyze each consumer’s path-to-conversion across all marketing channels and shift between first and last touch attribution models as part of our optimization strategy. We shift dollars into channels finding new customers and driving sales, and out of channels not contributing to ROI.

Data Centralization

Our real-time, proprietary analytics tool is built custom for each of our clients based on their individual business objectives. It combines all data points across display, search, social, TV, OOH, and print into one central dashboard. Our team of analysts manage the dashboard daily to oversee campaign performance and provide actionable insights.

Full Transparency

We believe in having full transparency with our clients. You will know all rates and fees upfront and be reimbursed any savings that incur throughout a campaign, either through makegoods or added value negotiations. We even integrate audience verification and viewability clauses into our contracts to ensure all partners are held accountable for delivering quality inventory.

Custom Built Financial Reports

We work one-on-one with our client’s finance teams to create custom financial reports that work around your fiscal schedule and internal systems.